Do you need a website to promote your business or hobby? Or is your current website broken or stale? Maybe I can help!

Are all your photos backed up in case your phone falls into the sink? How about all your important documents stored on that laptop or PC? I can help you understand an implement a backup strategy that meets your needs. There are many options out there for making sure your data is safe.

Broken screen or keyboard on your laptop? Failed hard drive? Need to upgrade your memory? Maybe I can help!

Let me help you with your flakey WiFi or Internet connectivity

Need to update your technology? Let’s explore your options based on your needs and your budget.

I can help with software upgrades, broken email, and other frustrations you may be having with your devices.

If you don’t see what you are looking for above, it never hurts to ask!

Other topics I can probably help with: Apple, MacOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Desktop and Laptop PC’s, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Linux, VMware, Virtualization, Virtual Private Servers, Websites, Blogs, WordPress, Social Media, BackBlaze, Synology, Dropbox, Slack, Password Management, Cybersecurity, Email, Domains & DNS, Routers, Network Switches, Firewalls, WiFi Extenders, Network Cabling, Home Automation, HomeKit, Internet of Things, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and much, much more.

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