Welcome to Wallowa Solutions!

My name is David Leitko and my mission with Wallowa Solutions is to make technology work for you! Let me solve your technology challenges today!

As a technology professional, my entire career of over 35 years (and counting!) has been devoted to finding solutions to computer and technology issues. I have served as a desk side support specialist and a system administrator for the US Forest Service. As part of a Fortune 100 technology company, I have provided enterprise-grade remote technical support for some of the largest companies in the United States and around the world.

As a technology enthusiast all my life, I have built, repaired, and upgraded home computers and laptops for myself and for others. I have found ways to tackle complex networking and WiFi issues. I have enjoyed setting up home automation using Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa-compatible devices. I have lots of experience setting up websites, Internet domains, and email accounts. I regularly work with the Apple ecosystem, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. I’ve built up considerable experience over the years across a wide variety of technologies. Doing these things brings me joy!

My passion is to help people get the most out of the computers, devices, Internet, and technology that surround us in every day life. I hope you’ll consider Wallowa Solutions for you technology consulting needs.

Wallowa Solutions is a sole proprietorship based in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Our support is focused on personal and small business clients in Central and Western Massachusetts.

Please see our Solutions page for an overview of some of our available services. Please contact Wallowa Solutions to arrange a consultation and estimate today!